Profile For many years I have been an object maker working with glass to create conceptual and functional work. I have always used recycled materials in my work and continue to use them in creating installations. In 2000, I was awarded a residency at the Sanitary Fill Company. There I created many pieces based on the theme "Demeter s Dilemma", mythological interpretations of our wasteful consumer society and the necessity of bringing Demeter's feminine consciousness into the world. I received my MFA from CCA in 2004.There I worked with on ephemeral installations. Using the material glass and the transitory - growing grass I created installations on time and energy based ideas. As an artist, I have enjoyed working on many public and private commissions for over 30 years. The Glen Park Library was my first public work.I am now collaborating with Jennifer Ewing on a new show for the China Brodsky Gallery in San Francisco.I hope to include sound and glass in my next pieces. I have been teaching in the Glass Dept. at Studio One for almost 10 years. I love teaching as well as creating personal pieces.